Knowledge base solutions

Reduce the number of help-desk tickets and organise your organisation’s knowledge better

Online Documentation

The robust CMS functions of MyAnswers enable you to create on-line documentation in an instant. A WYSIWYG-editor helps you to easily adjust fonts, headings, page-length, table of contents, and CSS-styles. You can also combine different teams to create technical documents together in no more than a few minutes.

On-line Knowledge-management software

MThe Knowledge-management solution of MyAnswers allows you to securely create company knowledge and to share and manage it, by using an internal knowledge base. Improve the learning curve of the organisation and help staff find company policies or best practices in a central location. Create company wikis and private documents as a team, and share sensitive information in a secure way with authorised collaborators.

Knowledge base software for Call centres

Our central knowledge base for your call centre and customer services department helps reduce waiting time for in-calling customers, and increase the productivity of staff. FAQs are organised in a logical, intuitive way, and support staff can both find answers directly by using the intelligent search function, and cooperate towards the creation of new help content.

Self-Service Portal

Partners and re-sellers are a great channel to increase your turnover. The Knowledge-management solution of MyAnswers allows you to create a self-service portal for all your documentation, marketing material, frequent questions, and more. Create a central hub for everything your partners or re-sellers need to be successful.

Enterprise Wiki Software

Create and manage on-line wiki guides, help items, and web pages with a team of technical writers and editors by using Enterprise Wiki Software of MyAnswers. Decide whether to keep the wiki public or private – that is, only accessible for authorised users. Immediately publish the wiki as a web page, without needing any programming.

Sales-supporting Software

Enable sellers and customer-contact staff to quickly find answers in an internal knowledge base and to process customer tickets faster. Boost sales by providing your salespeople with immediately available sales material, and keep them updated with the latest product info. Stimulate the sharing of knowledge by helping them to cooperate and share information through a central knowledge base.

FAQ Editors software

With MyAnswers, editing FAQs and help pages for your website or web-application becomes child’s play. You can create help items in a few minutes with the easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor and collaboration functions that allow you to instantly update help-content with a team of authors, editors, and staff.

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