Online knowledge base software from the Netherlands
Up to 2,000 searches per month
Unlimited number of articles
Maximum of 5 users
2 GB storage space
Limited customisation
Limited number of users roles
Premium Support
Customer success manager

The internal knowledge base is perfect for small teams, project groups and start-ups

The external knowledge base is suitable for small websites

Up to 10,000 searches per month
Everything from Start plus
Maximum of 20 users
5 GB storage space
Total customisation
No ‘Powered by’ logo

The internal knowledge base is for small companies and teams in different locations

The external knowledge base is suitable for growing websites

Up to 25,000 searches per month
Everything from Growth plus
Maximum of 50 users
10 GB storage space

The internal knowledge base is ideal for mid-sized businesses

The external knowledge base is suitable for large websites

Everything from Super plus
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited storage space
Unlimited number of searches
Two-factor authentication
Single Sign-On authentication (SSO)
Enterprise support
Uptime and response time SLA
Professional services

The internal knowledge base is for big companies with specific needs

The external knowledge base is suitable for the biggest websites

* The free trial period starts from Super package

Available in every package

Free support for adjusting look & feel

Mobile access

Roles and access rights

Free updates

Super-fast search function


Custom domains

English and Dutch-language support from 7 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week

Frequent questions

Trial period

How does the free trial period work?

When you register for the trial period, you get access to all functions of the Super package. At any moment during the trial period you can select and pay a package from your account.


How long does the trial period last?

The trial period will last 14 days, allowing you to use all aspects of the platform.


Can I customise my knowledge base completely?

Yes, for all packages you can adjust the looks of your knowledge base. You can adapt the logo, the colouring, and the fonts. You also can use your own domain name in the knowledge base URL. The packages Growth, Super, and Enterprise even allow you to let us completely modify the look and feel.


I need help importing existing content in my knowledge base. Can you help me with this?

Yes, we are only happy to do so (for free). Please contact us.


How many knowledge base may I create?

You may create as many internal and external knowledge base as you want. There are no limits to the number.


What if we need more than 14 days to evaluate MyAnswers?

If you haven’t bought MyAnswers yet before the trial period finishes, and you need a bit more time, please let us know. It is not an issue for us if you want to extend the trial period.

Do I have to enter credit card data to start the trial period?

You do not need a credit card to start the free trial version of


What happens after the trial period finishes?

At the end of a trial period, your information and settings will remain intact. You can still log in and select a package for purchase.


I need help to customise my knowledge base. Can you help me out?

Yes, we are happy to help you. And we even help you for free.  Please contact us.


What about the “Powered by” logo?

It is only visible in the Start package. In all other packages we remove our logo.


Can I create an internal knowledge base?

You can create usernames and passwords for each user, and manage them by creating an internal knowledge base. And only authorised users will have access to the internal knowledge base.


How much does your consultant ask for implementation?

What? No, we don’t ask anything. With our software it is easy to set up a knowledge base within 10 minutes. In case you do encounter difficulties, please contact our free Support.


How can I buy your software?

You can always upgrade to a paid package during or after the trial period. Please contact us to do so.


Can I change packages?

Of course, you can always change packages. Please contact to do so. Upgrading takes immediate effect, while downgrading and cancellation are effectuated towards the end of an invoicing period.


What are your invoicing periods and payment methods?

You can choose between monthly or annual invoicing. We accept credit cards and direct debit payment. You can also request for payment on account if you purchase the Enterprise package or if you pay one year in advance. Please contact us if you are interested.


Are there special rates for big companies?

If you want to give access to more than 50 users, or more than 25,000 searches take place in your knowledge base, we advise you to contact our sales team. They can compose a customised package for you with a dedicated customer success manager, a personal demonstration, and assistance while setting up the knowledge base.


Can I cancel at all times?

In case you would decide in the future to cancel your account, it is possible and we will no longer invoice you. We invoice per entire month; so you will not get a refund for the remaining part of the month during which you cancel.

How long do your subscriptions last?

Our subscriptions can always be cancelled monthly (unless you pay for an entire year).


Can I add or remove users?

Yes, you can add or remove users in your account at all times. When you add a user, you will immediately be charged for it proportionally. The cost per user is 20 euros per month.


What discounts are there?

We offer discount on packages which are paid for a year in advance. The above prices include this annual discount.


Can I pay on account?

We offer this option in our Enterprise package and for annual payment. Please contact us to set up payment by bank transfer. It is not possible to pay on account with a monthly subscription.


How can I cancel?

Quite simply.  Just contact us and we will arrange your cancellation on the very same day.


What is an internal knowledge base?

An internal knowledge base is a knowledge base which is set up by your company exclusively for internal use.


What is a user?

A user is someone who can log in to the knowledge base to peruse, create, edit, and manage content (FAQs, articles, etc.). For website visitors who peruse external knowledge base you do not have to pay.



What happens if I exceed my search limit?

Any possible excess will be invoiced at the end of the invoicing period against the following rates:


  • In the Start package: 8 eurocents per search
  • In the Growth package: 2 eurocents per search
  • In the Super package: 1 eurocent per search
What is an external knowledge base?

An external knowledge base is a knowledge base which is intended for your customers, through which they can quickly find an answer to frequent questions.


What is a search?

A search is what the visitor or user enters in the search function when looking for information. The knowledge base of a popular website, for instance, may have 20,000 page displays per month. In that case, about 20,000 searches will be carried out in that knowledge base, but sometimes also more, or fewer. In most knowledge base, however, fewer than 2,000 searches per month are carried out.


Will my data be secure with you?

Yes, we combine enterprise-class security functions with extensive auditing of our applications, systems, and networks so as to assure that customer and company information are protected at all times.

More questions?

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