A knowledge base where help is always available.

Create a knowledge source where people can find answers autonomously, so you can dedicate your time to issues that really require your attention.

So simple, yet complete 

An easy-to-use interface, so you reach your goal in two or three clicks. Quickly add pictures and even videos.

Intelligent super-fast search function

The search function in the knowledge base knows what you are searching for, even before you finish typing.

Powerful customised solutions and styling functions

Add your logo and adjust the colouring so it seems the knowledge base was completely developed in-house.

Make your content easy to find 

Show a question in various categories and add tags so it will be easier to find. And your knowledge base is naturally SEO-friendly.

Developers and consultants are superfluous 

Set up your knowledge base within minutes and oranges privacy settings in a single click.

Work together as a team

Invite the people you work with and select their access.

Never stop learning

Let visitors review your FAQs and constantly improve your answers.

Create your best knowledge base ever

Save your FAQs when you are not done yet, and apply rich formatting to make sure your articles are easy to read.

Speak your customer’s language

Our knowledge base software gives you the opportunity to show your FAQs in 10 different languages.

Mobile knowledge base

Offer customer services 24×7. Also for mobile users.

Dutch-language support

In case you need help, you can reach us daily until 11 pm through e-mail and chat. In your own language, quite simply.

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