Why knowledge base software from MyAnswers?

Specialised cloud software

The only thing we do is make quality knowledge base software. Nothing else!

English & Dutch-language support

Technical support in your own language, 7 days a week, from 7 am to 11 pm.

No fancy consultants

Implement the software easily, without fancy consultants or training.

Boost your customer services 

Faster answers make happier customers. Het rid of those expensive routine requests and achieve customer-efficiency with a knowledge base. Organise your content – in 10 languages – so everything can be found easily.

Frequent questions, quick answers 

Our knowledge base software is easy to adjust and use – as an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base or a knowledge base for customers.

And as it’s always available, customers and staff can always find the right information at the right time.

Import your existing FAQs

Do you have a knowledge base already? Import your existing FAQs in three steps and get started within a few minutes. It is automatic, free of charge, and you don’t need to bother the IT department.

Why MyAnswers?

Ideal for staff

Internal knowledge base

All knowledge is centralised in a single knowledge base so everyone at the company or at the department has access and knowledge can be shared fast.

Only intended for internal documents, only accessible for customer services staff and other collaborators.

 Ideal for customers

External knowledge base

Now you can make sure customers can help themselves and get answers immediately. As if the knowledge base was developed in-house entirely.

For customers, indexed by search engines, and only available for access for customers with a login.

There is no easier way!


Register and get started within 2 minutes. You can try out our software for 14 days.

Use our domain or your own as a URL 

Say your company’s website is www.companyname.nl. The URL of the knowledge base will be companyname.myanswers.io, but it may also be help.companyname.nl.

Fill the knowledge base with FAQs and documents

You can fill the knowledge base manually, you can upload a file to the knowledge base, or we can crawl your existing on-line knowledge base.

No implementation cost

Avoid paying high implementation or consultancy costs, but a fixed, affordable amount per month instead.

Super-fast search function

Users and visitors have never gotten answers to their questions this fast.

Completely responsive

Completely responsive. It assures your knowledge base is also well-accessible with a smartphone or tablet.

EU Data-Centre

Reassuring if it concerns the storage of your sensitive data.

Bi-lingual support

It means that you can choose between English and Dutch support. And you don’t need to deal with US time-zones. Our software is coded and supported by our Dutch staff.


Order your FAQs and documents in categories, edit and order them comprehensively.

Customise your knowledge base with ease

Use the standard template or adapt it to the branding of your company.

Migrate existing FAQS in a wish

Use our import function to migrate existing knowledge to MyAnswers.

Create your account now!

Free 14-day trial period. Credit card is not required.